Chris Cain is a creative engineer, educator, and digital artist. Chris studied at the University of Alabama majoring in Broadcast and Film. Chris teaches 3D Computer Animation, Game Design, Digital Arts Production, and Sound Design at California State University Long Beach. As Engineering Manager of Theaters and Classrooms at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, Chris designed and built Building Mapping Projections, Interactive projects, and calibrated 3D Digital Cinema presentations for image, sound, acoustics, and environment.

Chris has instructed students in digital story telling all over the world. Chris has taught digital media creation internationally in the Netherlands and Jordan and domestically in the Laguna Beach School district, Taft High School, and several middle schools in the LA Unified School District in East Los Angeles. Chris started his career as an application engineer in the Defense industry and then moved on to Hollywood as a recording engineer and sound designer on albums, films, and television projects.


  • Rilao
    Lead Programmer and 3D Modeler