Ira Pappa
Royal College of Art
Design Interactions

Rilao, a none gender society.

Rilao is an island where the society has decided to set up new rules about sexual freedom and identity. After a period of time when everyone had the right to be presented through one of the more than twelve different sexual identities, the society became so complicated with the result everything was not in harmony. Igor Noel the president of Rilao decided to control this situation by erasing the gender existence, believing that this is the ultimate sexual freedom. A society where everything is addressed to “rulan” without any diversification on sex, where love is based on the personality, where this freedom gives you the opportunity to be yourself and not anything pre-packed.

Rilao is a closed society where none can leave. Is a place where Igor Noel and the goverment try to protect their philosophy and uniqueness from the outside possible influences.