Anwesha Kundu

Born in the vibrant city of Dubai U.A.E., Anwesha Kundu is a graduate of the USC School of Architecture with a Bachelor in Architecture. Currently, she is pursuing her masters in Architecture, also at USC. After her under grad, she worked at Lean Arch Inc. a respected firm based in Los Angeles for a few years, picking up invaluable lessons about the real world.

She has had the pleasure to work on a range of projects, from Luxury Residential and Commercial, all the way to Modular Design. This has allowed her to gain experience in the vital design process that encompasses the initial meet with clients all the way to the drawing, documentation and construction.

Anwesha is well versed in producing conceptual sketches and building documentation, as well as executing the necessary steps in schematic design and design development, operating building and planning submissions. She is proficient in Autocad and Adobe CS suite, has the 3D modeling capabilities in a variety of rendering software and is also skilled in website and graphic design.