Housed in the School of Cinematic Arts, the World Building Media Lab is deeply invested and reliant on the students, faculty, and staff the campus provides. The lab reaches beyond a single department within the School and helps create a branch that allows for interdepartmental collaboration, along with school-wide partnerships with students and faculty from other schools within USC such as Viterbi School of Engineering and Roski School of Fine Arts.

Current Students and Staff:

  • Karl Baumann
  • Bryan Edelman
  • Wasef El-Kharouf
  • Jack Flynn
  • Todd Furmanski
  • James Hughes
  • Anisha Jethwani
  • Sunil Kalwani
  • Zi Li
  • Bradley Newman
  • Bryan Zhang

Former Students and Staff:

  • Thomas Cross
  • Robyn Gray
  • Michael Lin
  • Sanghee Oh
  • Patrick Meegan
  • Mike Murdock
  • Avimaan Syam